December Workshop

with Manouk

Date: Saturday dec 16

Time: 11-12:30

As the season turns to more darkness and cold, our bodies naturally long to retreat inward. December is a time to reflect on what has transpired in the year and process all of the emotions and experiences of 2023.

In this workshop we focus on slowing down, grounding and Yoga postures that stimulate the arms, shoulders and hands and open the chest area. Meanwhile, stoking your inner flame with plenty of warming Sun Salutations, Twists and fun poses like Wild child and Paradise bird pose. We will complete with restorative postures like reclined bound angle pose, and soft breathing to deeply settle into your body, mind and heart layers.

This is an amazing experience how yoga is great for winter and meditation for the love of it.  Manouk will as alway invite you with her amazing energy and joy for yoga. 

Investment:  333 kr 

Studion hittar du i hjärtat av Limhamn, Malmö för mer info kontakta: 

Anmälan är bindande läs mer i våra Medlemsvillkor och regler

lina_lindahl workshop yoga armbalance
lina_lindahl workshop yoga armbalance
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